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Mudga company is considered one of the leading exporting companies in egypt and middle east ,we worked in this business since 2010 .

Being in the center of the world , is strategic position for international trading which help us to be in direct connection with all continents and countries.


and not only the strategic position is our country advantage, but also we are famous of pharaonic civilization which was the first civilization in the world which start agriculture since 7000 years, so we promise you to get fertile products suitable for your customers.

We specialized in manufacture & export of vegetables,

fruits & food additives with best quality and attractive price.


-The top exporting company in middle east

-Be the best choice for the customers

-Be the best team work that can handle many tasks in short time

-Maximize long term profit which lead to  enlarge business capacity

-Be the responsible company that make difference by helping customers to get their best offers


-Unique service for our clients comfort

-Building customer trust which mean long term business

-Multi national branches to satisfy our customer needs

-Continuent connection with our customers

-Using of best technology which leads to get perfect product quality


Obviousness: to get our customer trust

Responsibility :your needs are our responsibility

Knowledge : to know every thing about our products

Integrity : doing the correct thing in all of time

Development: seek to be the best

Regards , 

Mohamed Anwar